Friday, June 6, 2014

Raspberry Lemonade

If you like raspberry lemonade but don't like all the calories of some of the other drinks on the market then you are going to want to get Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade!  This is very refreshing on a hot summer day minus the calories.  Each canister comes with packages inside and each package makes 2 quarts.  Each 8-oz glass has only 5 calories.  It also comes in boxes of individual servings (Crystal Light on the Go) for those that want to put it in a bottle of water. CL Raspberry Lemonade also is available to be used in a Soda Stream.  CL Raspberry Lemonade is Kosher free, sugar free, gluten free, low in sodium and has no caffeine.

These can be hard to find in stores so Amazon is a great place to find them.

**This is my own personal opinion. I was not compensated for my opinion nor was I given the product to try.**

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